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Proud with work of human hands

"Nalewki Staropolskie" is a family business founded in 2004. Tinctures are created according to traditional home recipes. We achieve unusual, natural aromas, colors and flavors by sticking to old recipes and recipes and using nearly 40 years of experience and knowledge of Karol Majewski - the master of taste and the founder of the company, who has made over three hundred tinctures in his life. Staropolskie tinctures are exclusive products. Positioned on the alcohol market as a top-shelf niche product in terms of quality and appearance.

We create according to traditional home recipes

The fruits come from small rural orchards, ecological crops and forest clearings. We prefer wild varieties, often forgotten, such as, for example, Ałycza (cherry plum), paradise apples, common quince from Bory Tucholskie or blackthorn from Bieszczady and Gorce. At first, the tinctures ripen in the sun, which brings out a whole bouquet of the finest aromas and flavors from the fruit, then for many years maturing in jars and demijohns in cool and dark cellars. Thanks to this, they achieve their unique taste. The minimum waiting time is three years. We do not add any essences, dyes or conditioners. The entire production process is done manually, in a home-like manner.

Limited tinctures with history

We manufacture individual types of tinctures in short series and all of them are vintage. We are currently launching tinctures from 2004-2016. Our products are recommended by Slow Food (three certificates), are the Winner of the Teraz Polska Emblem Award, twice the winner of the KUKBUK competition and the winner of the Culinary Heritage of Mazovia certificate. Our nine tinctures are on the List of Polish Traditional Products, recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. Our regular recipients include the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, the Chancellery of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy of Poland and the best restaurants in Poland and Europe; Atelier Amaro restaurant with a Michelin star.

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